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12   /   2018

Located on Calle 15 Oeste near Avenue B in Santa Ana, Casa Patterson is located inside the Conservation Area of the Casco Anitguo of Panama City.  The building of 729m2 originally from 1913, belonged to Mrs. Cristina Medrano de Patterson.

The residential project with a commercial unit on the ground floor and 10 apartments, is part of the owner's initiative to develop affordable housing for the local residents of San Felipe and Santa Ana who have lived and worked in Casco Antiguo and are part of Casco's identity. The new residential owners have the privilege of living in the neighborhood where they grew up and currently work.


The owners were chosen through an interview process by the developer to insure maintaining the identity of Santa Ana and avoid gentrification. The project revitalizes the historical and architectural character of Calle 15 Oeste and is the first affordable housing project on the area. It has served as a spark for revitalizing Calle 15 Oeste, where several other projects are being developed in light of Casa Patterson's success. 

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