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calle 12

07   /   2014

Located on Calle 12 and Avenue A in San Felipe, with an area of 811m2 with commercial spaces and apartments, Flor de Lirio's main challenge was conceive a building in one of the few empty lots in Casco Antiguo with a particular triangular shape, where only a memorably shaped building could fit, much like the "Flat Iron Building" of Casco Antiguo.  


For Conservatorio S.A. the conservation of Casco Antiguo has always been a clear goal and that is why the building's  façade is evocative of the era of the great wooden buildings of Casco Antiguo with it's extended balconies, slim columns with wooden capitals and decorative brackets on the first floor balconies, much like the historic building (recently demolished), La Boyacá.  These spacious balconies and large outdoor spaces fill with life the start of Avenue A, which made Flor de Lirio the building that started the neighborhood revitalization of that area of Casco Antiguo.

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